Are you looking for social media success in 2023? I can’t imagine anyone would say no to that question. If you have been doing the same thing in your marketing year after year it really is time to take a step back and review what you have been doing. Ask yourself “Where is their room for improvement”

Social Media Video 2023

It is, without doubt, time to bring video into your marketing mix. For the past 5 years or so we have been encouraging our client’s in the Social Media Angels School to use video more and more. 85% of online content viewed now is in video format. You are going to miss out if you don’t start using or increasing your video’s this year.
When we say video, we just mean anything from a moving image – up to a long video. But do you know, anything in between is great! Today we’re going to talk Instagram.
Did you know that 9 out of 10 users watch videos on Instagram weekly and Reels have become Instagrams fastest growing feature Worldwide!

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is made up of images, which display for 7 seconds and video, which we advise people to stick to under 15 seconds. It’s fast. It’s exciting. People can take in your information quickly and move on to the next post. And that is what Instagrammers like to do! Take in information quickly.

What could you use Instagram Stories for?
• Selling products – By adding the link sticker and linking to the product on your website
• Selling services – as above
• Showing behind the scenes
• Countdown’s to events

The best thing is … you can schedule your stories within your Meta Business Suite and just add to them throughout the day.


Instagram Reels are becoming more and more popular. Did you know that the most viewed Instagram Reel in 2022 had 289 Million views! You can stitch your static images to make reels. Stitch images to short video’s to create reels. Upload video’s up to 90 seconds to make reels. Again they are fast and people love them!
In 2022 Instagram users averaged 30 minutes per day on the platform. Imagine how that will increase in 2023.

What could you use Reels for?

Video’s to show how you make your products
• Explainer Videos
• Tips
• Stitching Multiple images together – products, step by step photos

Really the choices are endless.

So once again, we say to you, how are you going to increase your video marketing efforts this year? We’ve discovered some fantastic apps in our Facebook Group to help with your media creation. And of course, in the group, we are always there to hold you accountable!

We’ve created a PDF too with some ideas of things to think about on your Instagram account. Click Here to get your copy


Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

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